Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Meet Kiwi

Well better late than never here is a picture of the fixie that I got in January, he was actually a Christmas present from my mum. I know that some of you asked for a picture at the start for for various reasons it never happened. Today we went over 1000miles probably the fastest any of my bikes have made that landmark and gives away that I have hardly been riding any other bike!

Like last wednesday I was off to Halton in the afternoon. So yesterday I came up with a plan, I would leave earlier and cycle over a longer way. Plotting commenced and I ended up with a route about 46miles out. I left at the same time as Ali, stopped at Asda for some supplies and set out. Apart from the wind it was lovely out, perfect for some base miles in fact. The route worked well untill I turned a corner and was greeted by a 13% sign. Up the hill I went, speed about 2mph. I was overtaken by a jogger and would have stopped and walked only I couldn't unclip without falling over - oh and the fact that walking would have been giving up!

Arrived at the school in perfect time. Ate lunch and tried not to think how my back was hurting, problem with riding to work is carrying all the stuff! The kids were in high spirits but riding well. One of the girls pedal fell off as she was riding along, a first for me! Then all that was left was the 28miles home. Rode to the outskirts of Warrington with two of the other instructors and then I was on my own. The hill from Atherton to Bolton wasn't too bad considering the miles in my legs but I was glad to get home.

So 75miles commuting in total!


  1. well done!

    ...there's a hill on my running route that i try and catch cyclists, they're always laughing come the down though ;)

  2. He didn't have to try to pass me....

    ...I got past again on the downhill but that was scary....still not 100% comfortable pedalling downhills!

  3. 75miles commuting!!!! And I thought my commute was a long way (obviously not). I think I need to seriously work on my fitness.

    After a year of riding fixed I still can't get the hang of pedalling downhill. The steeper the bank then the slower I end up going. I can quite literaly get up some roads quicker than I can get down them.

    As for going uphill on the fixie, for me it depends more upon the run-up / length of the climb more than the gradient.

  4. I hate going uphill on my fixie (or any bike!), going downhill spinning at over 175rpm is great fun in a kind of scary way :)

  5. My legs don't go as fast as yours though Simon!