Thursday, 4 March 2010

Adventure time

Now the fitness is starting to come back, it is time for some adventures. I don't know if it is the change in the weather but I found myself daydreaming about bivvying on tuesday.

Onto Wednesday and the opportunity for an adventure presented itself as I was on the rota to work at a school in Runcorn in the afternoon. At first glance at the map all I could see were Expressways - huge dual carriageways in the sky - that I did not fancy riding on. But lots of time playing and I had a route planned at just under 30miles. Worried about how long it would take I was out the door just after 10am, to be greeted by the sunshine. The route was lovely, a couple of towns but lots of lovely country lanes. Even the drivers in leigh seemed nice! Halfway there I had a gel stop (decided that I should get used to them again before racing a 24hour).

Once I was a couple of miles from the school I found a bench by the canal and enjoyed my sandwiches. I really didn't feel like I was commuting! The last couple of miles were hilly. All new estates and just up for ten metres, down for ten, repeat. Work was lovely as the children were bright and lovely to work with.

Just riding back again would have been enough of an adventure, but no I had a plan. So I set off to Manchester, a nice 27mile ride this time. My plan was to go and meet Ali who was staying in Hope as she is working out there at a clients. I got to the train station an hour before the next train so only one thing to do and that is have a hot chocolate.

Once at Hope I met Ali and we walked to the pub. A beer and lots of food later we were both falling asleep, only the next train was 11:12pm. So lots of chatting and then I left and she went to bed. Back into Manchester just after midnight and all that was left was for me to cycle home. Roads were lovely and quiet! But I was shattered, still cycling when tired is good practice?

A great adventure but tonight I need my sleep!


  1. What an ace little micro adventure!

  2. what a lovely day and loads of training miles too!

  3. My next bivvy is all planned.

    I've just ordered the parts I need to convert my 29er to a geared bike and fit front and rear panniers.

    Now all I need is the weather to warm up a bit!

  4. Just reading your adverture to Runcorn and back makes me want to sleep! Sounds like a lot of fun though!