Monday, 2 April 2012

March Round Up

In March one of my aims was to get some more off-road miles, specifically on my mountain bike, as I had lots of miles in my legs but I hadn't rode off-road at all in February. Well I managed some fantastic rides, a weekend away in Kielder with Ali and a couple of evening rides have helped my confidence off-road loads. Not quite as many miles as in January but that was due to having a week in the office and commuting off-road all week.

I've also started swimming, aiming for once a week, as it was suggested by the physio as something to help my back. Back has been doing better (touch wood) so hopefully it is helping, just to keep it up now.

So the numbers:

Road Cycling:         581miles
Mixed Cycling:       145miles
Off-Road Cycling:  234miles
Total Cycling:      960miles

Running:              1.16 miles (one to work on)
Swimming:           6.7miles

Onto April, it is obviously dominated at the moment by 24solo. I'm not feeling ready at all but aim is to go, ride for the whole time and enjoy the trail as it uses some of the parts of Newcastleton that I love. I've been riding a bit with music as I think I'll need it when it gets really quiet once all the 12hour riders stop. Lots of people I know up there as well so it'll be good to see people.

After that I'm hoping to have some more big days in the hills, that is what I love about biking and what I seem to be missing out!

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