Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Up on the moors

Left work a little late, legs felt good so home in time, drink some water, eat a banana and go. Over to Rawtenstall and the hail started. I was late and about to climb a hill so I continued. Up the road from Bacup, heart rate climbing, average speed dropping but I was enjoying it. Then down the hill starting to get cold, maybe I should have put a jacket on. Arrived in Todmorden only a couple of minutes late ready to get muddy.

We headed off along the canal before climbing, Jenn asks if I had been up that way before then tells me its horrid. It was straight up but being on tarmac rideable. Then onto the moors, the sun was sinking, the wind was blowing, it was amazing. We did a lap round the top before noticing the time and realise we were going to be a little late for Ali (who was meeting us for food and to drive me home). So it was down, down, down before ending with a short spin along the canal. Lots of new trails to me and we got there just before Ali, she is used to me underestimating ride time and had brought a book just in case anyway.
Then it was a lovely evening of fabulous food and chat.

Thanks Jenn for the evening and the picture.