Friday, 27 April 2012

Riding rivers and streams

Looking out of the window I didn't feel much like riding and I hadn't slept much the night before so I went back to bed with a book. Waking up to a text asking if it was still raining with me from the friend I was riding with later in the day I looked out the window and saw sun and no rain. Fortunately she was running a little late so the fact I was in bed wasn't too much of an issue. I got up and got some kit ready, half got dressed and realised I should eat some lunch. Just finished lunch when she arrived, along with the rain.

We headed out onto the Darwin Moors, trails were now under a couple of inches of water with some of the puddles now being more like ponds. At some points it felt more like paddling that riding. But it was so much fun, splashing through the water, trying to see where I was going, I was smiling. Back past the Strawbury Duck, through Jumbles and back home. Couple of kids told us they would never do it as we were so muddy. Ali had headed out but we managed to miss each other, she was back half an hour later, also muddy and also had a big smile. Riding bikes is fun!

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