Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Amazing skies

Ali and I headed over to Hebden Bridge to ride with Jenn. As always over there it was straight up. Then lots of across and round. Some muddy stuff where my tyres were sliding all over the place. Lots of baby sheep leading to lots of squeaking from Ali.

Joining the Mary Townley Loop I realised I knew where I was, after watching a cute little mouse running along the path. I set up off the track, pushing hard to escape feelings I didn't want to have. Stopping I realised that the others weren't there. Turns out they stopped to play with the mouse, which ran into Jenn's wheel. Poor little thing must have been blind. Think they wanted to bring him home.

A stop to admire the amazing skies, I love being in the hills.

Then it was time for lights on and down down down. Ali had her new light, the on I won at 24solo and was flying. I was really liking the singletrack in the dark, no space for other thoughts just thinking about the bike.
Once back in Hebden Bridge we had pizza and chocolate cake. A lovely evening with smiles and laughter helped me feel loads better.


  1. Great pics. Better in the hills on good days is wonderful.

  2. Poor little mouse. I think it's probably been something's dinner by now :o(

    Fab ride though :o)