Friday, 6 April 2012

Swimming 50metres

So swimming, after not swimming last week I was determined to get in a pool this week. Logistics weren't so easy as I was office (manchester) based all week. A change of pool was required so yesterday me and my bike got on the 6:35am train from Bolton. Off at Oxford Road and a quick spin down to the Aquatics Centre. Silly as it sounds I was quite anxious about going to a different pool, even more silly as back when I lived in Manchester I regularly swam there. To add to my worries the pool is 50m which felt like a long way!

Getting there, locking bike up, paying, changing was fine. I was then scared to go in, would I know which lane to swim in. It was too late not to go in so I made myself. British Swimming had half the pool so I got in the medium lane, one length and I moved into the fast lane as I was doing breaststroke to avoid lots of overtaking. Here I settled in, most of us were the same speed which was nice. 50lengths later I got out and headed to work. It hadn't been as scary as I thought and it is nice to swim in a 50m pool.


  1. Good stuff! One day I'll be able to think 50 lengths of a 50 metre pool isn't scary, its some way off yet though! I keep chipping away at the swimming as it does good things for my core and back but I'll never be good. I've had to join a gym to get decent pool access now though, the one I was using is now so busy as its a public pool.

    Lots of luck and good wishes for the weekend.

  2. I basically stopped swimming when I stopped being a member of a gym due to Bolton having such rubbish pool access. Fortunately they have been working on this and a new pool has opened. There is lane swimming every morning so it is ideal.

    Would love to join a gym again but can't afford it.