Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Bike Ride

Finally I bought Ali her birthday bike. It took her a long time to decide what she wanted and after a couple of hours at Cookson Cycles last night we came away with a bike. A lovely Trek Superfly Al Elite. Unfortunately we had a little pedal problem yesterday, we couldn't get them off her old bike, and it was too late for a ride so today was the first ride. I thought a blast round the Strawberry Duck loop would be ideal so we headed off round the golf course first. Ali managed to get round the corner at the bottom of the steps without dabbing for the first time ever. Heading towards Bromley Cross she flew up a steep slope, I had to walk! Then we nipped through Jumbles and over to Entwistle.

After heading round the reservoir we went up onto the A666 and then round to the Strawberry Duck. Here we did the sensible thing on and stopped for a pint. The food looked lovely that was coming out of the kitchen and only the lack of lights stopped us staying longer! We left, after a minor (major from me) panic that I had lost my Garmin, I had left it on the bar! Slightly chilly descending but we soon warmed up climbing. Then basically downhill all the way home. Ali was having great fun and jumping all over the place.

Home and I washed the bikes while Ali cooked dinner, a practically perfect evening.

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  1. Ooh very nice and shiny. Why is it when I see someone's nice new bike I start wanting a new one myself, I don't need one, or until I saw that lovely thing didn't want one but all of a sudden I'm thinking the Titus is getting on a bit. Weird.