Thursday, 26 April 2012

Running hard

I've neglected running since January, one mile long run hardly counts. I keep saying I'll get back into it and I am going to start slow and short and build it up. That kind of sensible thinking disappeared yesterday afternoon when I decided a run may help clear my mind of thoughts I wished weren't there. I set of hard and it worked, eased off without realising not so good. So pushed hard again. Even up the hill coming home.

Back 25mins later, average heart rate 186bpm, pacee 8:40 min/miles. That may be my fastest ever run. Unsuprisingly my legs were sore today. But it helped.


  1. Aww that sounds hard. I don't do running - it hurts too much

    Are you doing MM this year?

  2. I think the point of it was to hurt, it certainly worked and my legs still hurt today.

    I've entered Mayhem, had plans about training for it, but think now it'll be a case of see how things are closer to the time.