Monday, 26 March 2012

Tapering in this weather

I had today off work as another lieu day, unlike last week I didn't plan an adventure as I know I have had a couple of big weekends riding and it's now two weeks to 24solo I need to be tapering. As it turns out I have been really anxious and didn't really get anything done all day. Not great with the size of my to-do list. I did drag myself out to meet Ali for lunch in the park (which was harder than it should have been).

After an afternoon spent reading in the back yard (Ali's instructions) I rode to her work to meet her for a ride. She had requested a ride to Cragg Quarry for one last play on the demo bike (unfortunately it has to go back but if you want to try a Superfly100 - and why wouldn't you its an ace bike - contact Cooksons Cycles). We rode over to Bury on the road and then joined the route I normally take with the boys when night riding with them. An excited Ali kept asking if we on Rooley Moor Road yet. It was still light when we got there, in fact the light was amazing. With no one else round I found myself relaxing.
At the top we rode a lap of Cragg Quarry, it is very pedally but I thought Ali would like it. It was actually longer than I had remembered but we both enjoyed it.
All that was left was to drop down to Ramsbottom and pedal home.

Not sure 33.7miles with 892m of climbing is how you really taper but you can't stay in when the weather is this good.

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