Sunday, 18 March 2012

Playing at Newcastleton

Today we drove round to Newcastleton, I had suggested me riding but that idea wasn't very popular! We set off up the climb with me riding the Superfly100 and Ali riding my superfly, so she could ride a hardtail to compare with the full-suss. First red section done and Ali was feeling more comfortable on my bike as she had found the front end a little vague on the Superfly100 yesterday. She wanted to try them back to back so we climbed back up and repeated the red section on the oppposite bike. I was enjoying being back on mine as it fits me better. This time down Ali had a bit more confidence and was enjoying the Superfly100 learning how to ride it so as not to use the front end. She decided she wanted to keep riding the Superfly100. We continued on the red and slowly I started to remember how to ride a mountain bike. Coming back to the start of the red Ali was shouting again again, so off we went again.

This time I put a bit more effort in the push myself up to race pace, Ali was right on my wheel though, she is fast! Part way round and she noticed her bars weren't quite straight, fortunately I was once again ready with the multi-tool to sort it out. Down we went flying round the corners with smiles on our faces, we just had to climb up to do the last section of singletrack again.

All that was left was the blue section so one long climb and we were back into singletrack, once again it had to be repeated before returning to the car.

We'd rode 21miles and Ali was very tired, so tired in fact I ended up driving home!