Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Taking advantage of the weather

It was cold but sunny this morning while I was teaching so at lunchtime I made the decision to nip home and switch bikes. Due to Rigger needing brake pads and my on-going back issues I took the superfly back to work with me (along with lots of locks). Come half three I headed up into the hills. Over towards the Strawbury Duck everyone I met was smiling. Then over Darwen Moors. 
I think this is one of my favourite places in the whole world, I hardly ever see anyone here it feels miles from anywhere, yet it is just up the road from my house. Slowly I started to feel like I could ride a mountain bike again. I was taking it easy so as not to stress my bike but that meant I had time to enjoy the lovely evening.
Dropping back towards Bolton I saw a new built trail so I had to follow it...it stopped in the middle of nowhere but maybe it is the start of a new trail that will link up some more options.
As I dropped towards Belmont I saw these cute little baby sheep, obviously pictures were taken for Ali. From here I headed up Winter Hill and down to Rivington. Wondering why it felt like I was riding fully rigid I realised that my folks seemed not to be rebounding, worked out what to turn and sorted it out. Just in time to grab a last couple of descents before heading home.

Commute to work was 1.5 miles with 146metres of climbing
Commute home was 25miles with 832metres of climbing

Guess which was the most fun?

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  1. i wish i had your motivation and job sometimes Amy! Looks fab.