Sunday, 11 March 2012

A weekend of sunshine

We were off to a wedding reception in leeds this weekend. Obviously I had decided to ride there but my plans changed slightly when I heard that Ruby was all mended (broken shifter). Ali agreed to drop me at Cooksons and I would ride from there. First of all I had to ride down to Leverhulme Park to watch her run the Park Run. My back was really sore and although walking was hard I was wishing I was running. Just at the end it started trying to rain, not what I wanted before a ride....

It was 1pm I left Cooksons with 40miles ahead of me. I'd had a quick look at the route but not actually plotted it and was going to be trusting the Garmin. Chris warned me that it was a little hilly, which was good as I need to ride in the hills more otherwise some events are going to hurt. I arrived in leeds just over 3hours later and 800m of climbing. A quick shower and then it was wait for Ali's mum.

The wedding reception was nice, the Malmassion is really nice, but I'm not in really in my element in crowds of people I don't know.

Sunday and after a huge breakfast, all you can eat means I eat as much as possible which really doesn't help my weight loss, we all headed off to Hebden Bridge. Me on the bike obviously. Met up with Ali and her mum for cream tea.

After that they headed off to explore Hebden and I met Jenn for a ride. Spent the next couple of hours chasing Jenn and Emma up hills. Probably just what I needed although my heead not being completely in the moment mean I just plodded up the hills and even missed following them on one turning, only went a couple of metres past the turn.

The sun was out and I was warm enough in 3/4's and a long sleeve jersey. One of those days when it is amazing to be in the hills.

Jenn provided chocolate brownies and vimto and I made sure her ears were sore before I headed home. Wanting to get as much climbing as possible I headed towards Bacup, up the top the temperature had dropped and it was very misty, leading to a slow descent down.

Over the day I rode 75miles and climbed 2200metres, quite pleased with that.

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  1. Fun weekend! Lots of climbing yesterday, well done :)