Friday, 16 March 2012

Back chasing the boys

After a great ride last tuesday I knew I wanted to get out again. Ali is demoing a superfly100 this weekend so I decided to be 'helpful' and go and collect it. I should have had plenty of time but I needed to replace the brake pads on Rigger before riding down, maybe I should have gone on another bike, so I ended up sprinting. Rigger isn't the right bike to try sprinting on the road as I tend to spin out.

At the shop it was a quick change of pedals, light mount and garmin mount and I headed out following the boys. The ride was spent working as hard as I could to keep them in sight. I'm sure its good for me. On the road the bike felt fast but I was looking forward to getting off-road. Up Rooley Moor Road and it climbed really well, allowing me to get away with some poor line choices and standing up was fine as well.
At the top we stopped to look for planets, the windmills were still for maybe the first time I can remember.

Descending the boys lights disappeared and I pootled down, slowly getting used to being off-road and trying to relax.

We split in Ramsbottom and I tried to keep the effort up along the road. It felt great to be off-road and chasin the boys will hopefully speed me up a bit.

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