Friday, 23 September 2011

Working, caching, trains and beer

I had another merseyside recce ride to do today, this time from St Helen's to Southport. I was a little worried about the ride as it was longer than we would have liked and I was yet to find a cafe stop on the way. Fortunately I was out with Jen so I knew problems would be sorted.
We met at Manchester Victoria and the first cache was in the station car park when we got off the train. Then it was time to head off on the route. Some cycle paths but mainly road and a change in route meant I spotted a cafe at 10miles, perfect. Bacon butties and we were ready to find the trans pennine trail. I had quite a few caches downloaded that were right on the route and we had quite a few find, unfortunately two we failed to find.
After that we had chips at Southport before beginning the long journey back by train, our tickets were via liverpool! Once we arrived in Manchester we rewarded ourselves with a beer and I decided on the train home since it was gone 7pm already.

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