Saturday, 17 September 2011

I did it!

The other evening I tried to fit the mudguards that I had taken off Ruby for a road race the other night. The mudguards had been modified by Chris for Ruby but I couldn't get them on kiwi without rubbing and getting the rear wheel in and out was an issue. I couldn't decide what to do, Chris would modify some for kiwi when the shop is quieter but till then should I put some some plastic raceguards on till then. The problem is I always break them.

Then yesterday I ended up doing recce rides in Merseyside on kiwi (I was meant to be on the cross bike but in usual trio style the bike is awaiting new cables). I was very jealous of Jen and her mudguards as I got covered in mud and had to keep my waterproof trouses on even when it stopped raining due to all the puddles. Kiwi needed a good wash when I got home.

So today after refitting Ruby's mudguards (I'm using her for an overnight ride tonight) I got an old set of mudguards out of the lean-to and set to work. Front went on fine, a couple of zip-ties and a hammer, no rubbing. The rear took a bit more thought. I shortened it so I can get the wheel in and out, means its not so great for people following me but I don't tend to ride in a group with kiwi as it is my commuter, a zip tie was used to hold it by the downtube and a hammer to push it as close to brakes as possible. It isn't rubbing but if it moves I will have to punch some holes where it goes under the brake and zip tie it on there as well, that might involve the use of a drill though so that would be a job for Ali. Now for the first test ride, I'm sure I won't have to wait long for a wet ride!


  1. Well done...I've got that fun to come. Even with forks/frame that are designed to take them it still looks like its going to be a fiddle to fit the guards due to the not much space around the mounts.

    What reflectives do you have on your spokes? I'm currently looking at ways to brighten up my bike at night. Have some white reflective tape and some blue stuff for the frame but not sure what to do about wheels yet.

  2. They are spoke reflectors, I got them at halfords but my friend picked some up at Lidl the other week. They are amazingly effective! They do come off sometimes but I've not lost that many.