Monday, 12 September 2011

My first attempt at three peaks training

So with less than two weeks to go till the thre peaks I decided to try some training. Most sensible people started this months ago but i'm hoping the saying 'Better Late thann Never' holds true. Since all I want to do is finish the thing and hopefully not slower than last time it is all about survival.

I know that my weakness is carrying my bike up vertical slopes so I set out towards Belment. Half a mile in and I punctures, I wasted 11minutes fixing it as it took me ages to get the thorn out....I had to use my teeth. Still it would have been longer if I hadn't found the thorn.

On my way again, a little worried as I had used my CO2 and my pump was next to usess, it was a little windy and I was working hard on the hill but having fun. Onto the Belmont-Rivington road my plan was to carry up the shoulder, but before I really started climbing on the road I saw a path that looked almost vertical at points. That was as close as I was going to get to Simon Fell so I headed up. There were a couple of steep sections, others I probably could have pushed my bike, but I carried the whole way only putting my bike down to rest my shoulder, and adjust where I had the pipe lagging, once. It took me 30minutes to get up the hill, my calves were screaming, my shoulder hurt, but I did it!

At the top the wind was picking up so I minced my way down the Belmont descent, I know I have to avoid punctures and going slower is part of that. Back onto the road and as fast as I could home.
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  1. Wow. That sounds like a hard slog. Well done.

    PS The pink jersey looks super fly... It's most definitely you. ;)

  2. I think the climb you've described is included in the Winter Hill Fell race. It's pure evil.

  3. Don't think it's as evil as Simon Fell though, but carrying the bike up it was hard!