Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well it seems I really am broken this time. I had the weird bum/leg/back pain again so tried massage/exercises/stretching with no luck. So after another night of waking up in the night I emailed mills physio with a help fix me plea. Today I headed over to hebden bridge after work, ok riding up the road to her house on my fixie my not have been sensible but it was too much of a challenge (i made it just!)

Anyway she poked, prodded and did lots of clever and painful things but the muscles in spasm just wouldn't relax. So i'm now taped up and have to try and rest as much as possible including no long rides where 5miles counts as long! I'm still hobbling when walking but no way can this get worse so I'm being sensible, already asked for an easy rota for next week at work to cut down the miles. Anti-inflamitories taken, tomorrow will be heat/ice etc.

Guess that means the end of exploring on my commute like this morning, just followed my garmin and found a nice path. Although I wasn't quite on the right bike for it!


  1. Pants!! Although at least the taping should force you to rest it all a bit. Hope it doesn't hurt when it comes off as much as mine did - after 72 hours, mine took an entire top layer of skin with it .... youch!!! Hope you're on the mend soon.x

  2. sorry to hear you've got proper bad ass pain. hope the magic works quickly :)

  3. Magic better work soon between this and the silly bug that still making its way out of my system I am being really grumpy!

  4. Arse! At least it's autumn now so the weather's no good for riding < oh dear!

    Get better soon!!