Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Okay what have I done wrong?

Tonight was my longest commute home ever, or at least that is what it felt like. I was late leaving but the sun was out and I was enjoying my ride home when I got that feeling of a rear wheel punture. No worries I thought and fixed it, on my way again. Another 4 miles and another puncture, hmmm. But once again fixed no issues. Then another 4 miles and a third puncture, this time I had to patch a tube and use a handpump (C02 before) which decided not to work. After numerous attempts, trying to phone the broom wagon (who didn't answer) I got enough in the tyre to limp home. I think it was a broken mudguard causing it so I ducktaped the sharp bits after the third puncture. But I must have annoyed someone to manage three in a short commute!


  1. You've clearly angered the puncture fairy!

  2. The two usual suspects are:

    (1) A sharp object embedded in the tyre causes repeated punctures. Glass, flint, piece of metal, thorn... (whatever). I always try and relate the hole in the tube to the corresponding part of the tyre so I know where to look for the object. At the very least, run your finger round the inside of the tyre (slowly and carefully!).

    (2) Your rim tape has cracked or slipped and your tubes are bulging into the gaps. If the holes in the tubes are on the rim side of the tube, that's always a good indication to check your rim tape.

    I've also had tubes from a dodgy batch where the seams in the tubes kept splitting.

  3. considering the mileage you do, i'm surprised you don't get more!

  4. Yes someone was very angry Simon. I think I found the culprit evenetually Colin my mudguard had snapped and left shards of plastic! I had checked the tyres carefully but nothing!

    New tyres are being ordered as I knew it was a rubbish tyre as it was one of the ones that came with the bike, it was meant to be stop-gap and I never got round to ordering any so its stayed on!

  5. I'd just like to point out that the "broom wagon" was in tescos (with no reception) buying food for dinner!! Not just ignoring the plea for help...