Saturday, 10 July 2010

Beer and Darts

After 50 + miles of commuting I went night riding with Odile and Ali. We set off up Winter hill, with a stop for dougnuts on the way. At the top I suggested some options and they both decided that down the Belmont descent to the pub was the way to go. It is really nice to ride at the moment and I felt fast down it. At the pub with beers we noticed a dart board. As the evening wore on we got better at hitting the board (although Ali had obviously played before!) The bar man said we sounded like we were having fun and fortunately none of the darts hit anyone!


  1. 50 miles, night ride, doughnuts, beer and darts. Some style. ;-)

    Sounds like a great evening!

  2. sounds like you've invented a new duathlon!