Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Commuting, wildlife, smiles

I woke up silly early after not really sleeping well, there was only one thing for it. Leave early and ride off-road to work. I took the cross bike and loaded up with a sleeping bag (I'm lending it to someone at work, I wasn't planning on sleeping on the way there!) I headed off. Through Moses Gate, over to Route 6 near Radcliffe. I missed the diversion for the closed trail and ended up doing a bit of scrambling with my bike - probably good training for saturday! Down the berms at Prestwich I then knew that I had made the right choice, a big smile on my face. I saw lots of wildlife, a fox, a bunny some cute ducklings. Onto the road through Salford then on the canal out to work. It only took a bit longer, but I am now bouncing round.


  1. I hope that the bunny & ducklings weren't anywhere near the fox...that wouldn't have a happy ending :o(

  2. Don't worry, they weren't!

  3. early mornings are great,place to yourself,i saw a hedgehog yesterday!

  4. hi aimee,

    i commute to salford and often thought of using the scott mtb. i thought of going down the irwell sculpture trail. i can't find any info about it anywhere. have got any experience of the trail?



  5. That is what I was on, pick it up at Radcliffe follow to Salford Uni, sorted!

    Leave your email, I won't publish it, and I'll send you a map. (I'm not on CC anymore)