Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back on the bike

So after six days of being sensible and not riding, ok there was some riding as I had to work on my bike on sunday and monday but that was probably a sum total of 15miles so hardly counts. Today I got back on my bike and rode to work. I made sure I remembered to put my heart rate strap on and took it easy. The legs felt they had loads to give but even when a guy flew past me I resisted the urge to try and keep up. Although I am feeling well again I know I'm not 100% as I still can't open my mouth enough to get cake in there without breaking it up into little pieces. It did mean I got to work with a smile on my face and was really productive today.

Coming home I had thought about getting the train, but I felt great so decided to ride. The sun was out and the roads were quiet (it was nearly 8pm when I left). That was till I got to Whitefield, here the heavens opened and thunder and lightening started. I found a tree to hide under and got my waterproof on. Once I could see the road again I got back on the bike. I was riding rivers instead of roads but the joy of being on the bike meant I didn't care!


  1. glad you're starting to feel better. ...take a swimming cossie tomorrow?

  2. Great news that you are on the mend. =D

    It's definately not good when cake has to be crushed up. (I completely sympathise with you - when I had my wisdom teeth out I was devasted that I couldn't even open my mouth wide enough for cake or even chocolate!)

    Anyway, hope you continue to feel better. =D