Thursday, 1 July 2010

June Roundup

Another month and one that I felt I spent recovering from 24solo and the Welsh Ride Thing.  I still managed to sneak a 12hour race in at Gisburn, which was great fun and I felt like I rode well. In fact I enjoyed is so much I've entered another 24hour race in August. I spent two weeks commuting on the train and although it has made a dent on my mileage I think it only feels like I have been lazy as I did so much in April and May.

The only thing that I didn't do that I should have done was go running. No miles at all in June, so much for my run every week. I know it really helps my fitness so that is the aim for July get some running miles in!

The Stats:

Cycled 718 miles
292 miles of it off-road, 426miles on the road

1 comment:

  1. TRIO my friend,as always,your monthly mileage inspires and amazes me =)