Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Downhill Diva

Last night I went riding with speedy Chris again, as a warm up I had rode 40miles commuting so I was wondering how the legs would be. We met out near mine and I led the way this time. I thought this might be a sneaky way of slowing him down since he didn't know where he was going, but no it didn't work he was still flying up and down the hills.

We headed up onto Winter Hill and I cleared a few climbs I had always stopped on when riding singlespeed. Then down the shoulder, which I rode. We didn't do the Gully though so that is the next thing to do! Down the ice-cream run, no dabs! Over to the nab where we rode round the red. Then the black. I kept waiting for something to get me off my bike but it all seemed fine. Either it wasn't particularly harder than the red or I was just riding really well, I'll go for the later ;-)

I then realised the time, 9pm. No lights meant we had to get going. So it was work, work, work, with some nice downhills thrown in to get back to Bolton. Including a couple of singletrack sections I couldn't see anything. We split on Crompton Way and I got home with 34miles on my Garmin. I was tired and sore but happy after a great ride.


  1. Sounds like a good ride to me. I was glad I'd left my commuter lights on last night for the same reason. Mind I have a set of teeny LEDs in my saddle bag in case of emergency too.