Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hit the North

Glands up since Wednesday meant that despite my best efforts at resting I wasn't able to race. I was really tempted but when you can't really swallow racing is going to be difficult. Imagine my suprise though when Ali sugested that she took my place! So saturday morning we headed down, changed the name on the start sheet and she was lining up for the run instead of me. I have to say that my Cookson Cycles kit looked good on her. She was first through of all the female soloists and continued to hold that lead all day. There were moments though, she won crash of the day for her fall off a cliff into a stream, luckily for her Shaun was there to fish her out! After four laps she decided that she had stopped having fun so she was going to stop, a bit of encouragement and she was back out. After that the motivation of winning kept her going. Although unlike me she lurked on the last lap so as not to have to go out again!

As for me, I discovered how stressful being Pit Crew is. I should have brought the white board, remembering when she was due in and what she wanted was hard! But hopefully I didn't do too bad a job and I was there everytime she came in, even in the torrential rain!

I was so impressed with her, 9 laps of about 7miles, at least two set of steps she had to carry up and a constant smile. I think I might need to get worried now though, she enjoyed it!

I also wrote some blurb about the race here


  1. Woohoo, well done Ali :)

    Hope you get yourself well for SITS Amy.

  2. Ali made you ill so she got to play hm - Congrats Ali on the race and on training the trio to do pit.

  3. Yay! Well done to Ali. That's very impressive. =D

    Hope you feel better soon Amy!

  4. brilliant stuff ali. i think you deserve that new bike now ;)

    ..hope you're back to eating and talking amy.