Friday, 18 December 2009

Woke up to snow this morning so Ali decided to ride to work, she had thought of driving but the traffic wasn't really moving.  Since her mountain bike still has a puncture I offered her rigger.  She set off all bundled up.  A few minutes later a knock on the door, front tyre flat.  So then she had to think about which bike to ride.

She decided on my trek, which is way too small for her, but she really didn't fancy the road bike, I am going to use my cross bike to ride into Manchester.  All other bikes have punctures - this week seems to be my week for them!

So once again she headed out, once I grabbed some lights off another bike and attached them.  No issues this time as she sailed into work, although I expect she found it slow going compared to the road bike!

Now the question is how many people didn't make it in?  Last time she got the mountain bike out due to snow people who lived loads closer didn't make it in at all, seeing as we are 2miles away from her work I do not understand why snow was an excuse.  They wouldn't have been that late if they had just walked!


  1. Well done Ali! Wish I had MTB tyres on last night, it was a bit slidy on my slicks with a pannier on the rear of the bike to lively up the handling.

  2. I'm loving my snow commute.
    It's transformed my off-road (aka tarmac paths)

  3. It always amazed me back when I had a job that I could/did bike commute to how every time white stuff fell,car peeps would call in,LOL!

    Kudos to Ali! :)

    We haven't gotten ours yet,but they're calling for 8+" starting late this eve,so I may get a snow ride in over the weekend! :-D

  4. not much around my commute but 4-6" up on local hills..
    playtime tomorrow on pugsley!!!

  5. hey - thanks for your comment on my blog Trio!!! I tried to follow you today but it's invited only - justw anted to let u know! THANKS for always encouraging me!!! xxx

  6. The food diary is only for me Watching and Weighting, sorry.

    Thanks for coming over to my blog, I have to admit that I am only slowly putting more of myself into it and not just the biking.

  7. well done ali! all evidence of snow and ice has vanished here-disappointingly

  8. I think we will have ice on the trails tomorrow, just the short trail I did to the Dr's was comical - in fact I walked home by road so I could stay in one piece!