Thursday, 31 December 2009

December Round-up

So December brought the first snow of the year which involved a couple of snow rides, a bivvy trip and a nice snowy walk to the pub.  I also discovered park runs and started trying to do some more organised training.  Unfortunately it has also brought a lack of motivation towards the end of the month and has meant a really light month time and mileage wise.

The figures:

13.22 mile running
154.69 miles moutain biking (138.35 singlespeed)
8.96 miles cyclo-cross
340.58 mile road

10916m of ascent

Progress on targets:

  1. Run at least once a week Failed in March :o(
  2. Run 300miles in the year 57% complete
  3. Cycle an imperial century a month Failed in March :o(
  4. Cycle 8000miles in the year Completed!
So I did make 8000miles on the bike.  I didn't really get near the running mileage, due to 3 months of nothing in the middle of the year!

This month would have been the one to stop me meeting my targets but it hasn't since the rest of the year was strong.  Some good adventures this month stop me being disappointed.  A ride in the peaks on the geared mountain bike also reminded me how much fun that could be.

So onto January and what that will bring.


  1. congratulations again on your biking miles. hope we get to share a few more in the new year :)

  2. Try not to be so hard on yourself for once. You've still done a lot more than most people. Myself included.

  3. Not a bad year indeedy,methinks! Major congradualtions on the goals you met/exceeded...your annual mileage is an inspiring inspiration to me. Don't worry about the ones missed,you'll get em next go round :)

    Have a very happy New Years,my friend :)