Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ok I will ride...since I promised.

Kate had suggested a ride the other week and made me feel a little guilty about the fact I am never round, part of that is I don't know the rides are on as they are no longer on shecycles.  But I don't go out of my way to make arrangements to ride with people either - that is the anti-social side of me!  So a road ride was planned for today as she was out this way, only a couple of hours as she had to be back in Manchester for the evening.

This morning getting out of bed was a real effort, I was shattered!  I had gone to bed early last night as well.  After a morning where everything took twice as long I nipped over to Cooksons so they could sort out the mess I had made with my brakes - rounded a bolt off rushing on monday.  So the brakes were sorted and I could ride.

It then took me forever to leave, 15mins to do what I thought was a 5 mile (just over 6) journey was pushing it a lot.  Riding into the back of a car - it was stopped on double yellows but still! - on the way over made me think I should give up.  But I had promised! 

Once there we headed out over to Red Rock when I realised there were no lights on Kates bike, so back round via Adlington as it started to get dark and back to Lower Barn for hot chocolate and chocolate brownies.  Kate informed me that I had to get her fit over the winter by making her get out and ride.  Since she had dropped me by miles on every climb I think it might need to be the other way round.  I was just going backwards the whole time. 

Getting back to the car I clipped one of my rear lights onto her and we set off, she was impressed with the amount of light my little light produced, till I pointed out it was a joystick.  The snow started and the offer of a lift home taken up.  Unusally for me I didn't want to ride, usually even when its the last thing I wanted to do all day once I'm out I want to stay out.

Still shattered so off to bed, later than planned but with some good reading.  Made my day slightly less busy today but still have to force myself into Manchester for cake and a Dr's appointment.

Also key sessions are cancelled for this week, plan was always every 4th week off as recovery but being so shattered this week, and I had planned hill repeats for today and long run tuesday so now would be catchup, I am going to try and be sensible!


  1. Sensible words Trio. Mince pie time!

  2. I had a ride like that on Wednesday. I am sure each of my leg weighed 10stone each as it was so hard to move them. ;-)

    Sounds like you really need a rest day or two. Take it easy and enjoy yourself at this otherwise chaotic time of year.

  3. you're doing the right thing. take it easy and maybe have some 'fun' rides next week :)

  4. Yes time to plan some fun things!

    Have to be sensible, but also know that it was the right thing to go out. As I was told today the time to worry is when I am not pushing myself to do things. Or when it stops being 50/50 on days that are fine and those that are not, but 75/25.