Sunday, 20 December 2009

A winter wonderland

After a bit of discussion about what to do with the day we decided on a walk up to the pub at Affetside, by this point it was 3pm, so I packed some essentials - head torches!  We headed over to the Golf course past the reservoir which was frozen with a layer of snow on top, still not strong enough to walk on though!

Then along a track we had once tried running on, here we had fresh tracks.

We could hear the sound of people sledging on a hill nearby but we were in our own winter wonderland.  Over the golf course and on towards Jumbles, Ali was getting worried about coming back in the dark, I assured her it would be fine and we would be able to see - oh and I had brought lights!

Soon it was time to head uphill as darkness fell but not before Ali drew a picture:

Once at the pub it took quite a while to decide which of the amazing dishes we wanted!  Stuffed it was time to walk home, layers and head torches on we set off.  Stopping for Ali to make a snow angel.

Then I was proved right, no need for torches, it was so bright coming down the hill, at the bottom ali wanted to go back up.  But it was through Jumbles and home. Once home the snow gave way to slush but I think its snowing again!


  1. but you didn't stop to build a 'snow alien' ;)

  2. No for once we didn't build our own, Ali was hungry! We kind of forgot lunch!

  3. snow angel yay happiness

  4. wish every winter was like this,at least for xmas time,

  5. Sweet post! I really love how one doesn't really need lights to snow walk at night,there's just something...calming about it all :)

    Hope you and Ali have a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year's!