Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ali comes to Park Run

I woke up nice and early so I was definetly heading over to Heaton Park for the Park Run but the question was would the sleepy Ali who had stumbled downstairs come or curl back up in bed?  Before I knew it we were both in the car, Ali doing her best to sleep while I drove.  We got there in lots of time for a warm up, which involved me trying to jog and Ali telling me to come back she was tired!  Quick talk from the organisers and we were off.  Ali stuck to my side like glue, I told her to go on but my super fast pace was too much for her ;-)  I tried not to go out as hard and then worked on limiting the loses on the hillier parts of the course.  Into the last km and I still had an Ali for company but I could hear the footsteps of someone else right on my heels.  I tried to push on a little bit round the lake and soon it was the finishing straight, I pushed a little harder, at one point I almost got a gap on Ali then in the last 15 metres she did her usual sprint finish and left me as if I was standing still! 

Since I am such a geek I had to compare my splits to last week:

Turns out I was only a second slower in the first km, although I felt slower.  After that I was consistently faster for all the splits.  The pushing on for the last km got me my best split as well.

It felt hard but I'm sure I can still get faster!

Official Time: 25:43  33 seconds faster than last week (Ali 25:42)
Finishing postion 56/96 (13/45 female)

(Pace 8:15 min/mile)


  1. well done. so was ali just there to pace you ;)

  2. I have to say there were a few times I would have slipped back but the motivation of having her there meant I pushed a little harder!

    Now how long till I can get a 8 min/mile pace? Maybe that should be the aim for the summer?

  3. That's some improvement - well done.

  4. Did you do the Glasgow one today?

  5. Great job on improving your times! I wish running didn't aggitate my neck/back...I remember how fun,challenging and rewarding it was :)

  6. That's quite some improvement, Trio. Well done and well done, Ali, for getting up! :-)