Monday, 14 September 2009

Trio takes the roadies off-road

Last night I get an emergency message from Jumbly, can I help with a route from Salford to Bolton that doesn't involve main roads as she is a human sat-nav for Dave Gorman. After admitting I didn't know who he was I got looking at maps. Not long I had an idea and soon the route was plotted. It used a lot of sustrans trail so needed to be checked. Sometimes they are fine on roadies sometimes they are impassable! So Jumbly turned up at my house just before 9am and we headed off to Walkden where after only a couple of wrong turns we found the track, on we went to find the canal. Right past the back of the trafford centre, I guess most people have no idea it is there at all! To the lowry where we met Dave and his friend Chris. A few errors at the start and eventually I not only got us on the canal but on the right side as well, not before I fell off my bike while playing with my gps, opps!
The route worked well with just a bit of the A6 near the end, I dropped them off at the middlebrook way and had to turn and head for work back the way I had come.

We all managed really well on road bikes, a couple of bits were a little rough, but worth it for the traffic free element. Dave's journey sounds fab to me, he is riding to four corners of the UK, much more interesting than Lands End to John-a-groats!


  1. I like Dave Gorman, his stand up stuff is cool - much better than the inane shows he's been presenting of late

  2. What a great ride; and you got to play with maps too!

    I tried to plot a route along that canal the other week in order to ride the Sustrans route to Bolton. In the end I decided I would almost certainly end up getting lost and it didn't look very road bike friendly either.

    Looks like I was wrong about the road bike bit. (Probably spot on about the getting lost bit though).

  3. i'm sure the audience will appreciate your good work ;)

  4. I went watching Dave Gorman last night at the Lowry - very funny chap!

    Your a lucky lady!

  5. Omg can't believe you got to ride with dave gorman! Am v jealous. Make sure you watch some of his stand up shows they are great. We saw him live on the googlewhack adventure tour in Canterbury.