Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Off to watch the pros

The tour of britain came close by today so I persuaded Jumbly to trust my route planning and come for a ride up waddington fell to watch them. After I was a little late, due to forgetting how much further Addlington is from tesco we got going. Straight up a hill that the road sign told us was 17%. All the way over towards Jeffery Hill we were having fun and the weather was great. We did get held up a bit by rush hour though! We got to Waddington Fell just before the pros and headed up, by this point I think I had broken Jumbly who has had a hard week already. Somehow I lost her, turns out she couldn't get her feet out of the pedals and had to stop just below where I stopped, only in the crowds of cyclists it was hard to spot each other.
The pros soon came past, the leading three dancing on the pedals, the chasing group looking strong and then the last few making the hill look hard. Although they were probably going twice my speed it was nice to see it didn't look any easier for them than me.

They were closely followed by Jumbly. We then dropped down into Waddington for lots of food and Vikki rang her broom wagon for a lift back.
A fab ride and the weather was amazing!


  1. I was up on Waddington Fell too. Was following the whole stage today. Saw the off in Blackpool, then up at Lancaster, Waddington and back for th finish in Blackpool. Brill!

  2. How did you beat the pros back?

  3. Trio - my legs hurt, last years ride to watch the pros at Southport was much kinder to me. I think I can only ride to watch them do hilly bits every other year, please note this in your diary as next year I will be expecting flat riding and chips. Although, good call on the cafe today, nom, nom, nom!