Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Short (?) Ride

I met Jumbly this morning for a ride to cooksons as she needed some brake blocks. I suggested cross bikes so we could chat as there are some nice trails to take you there. When we got there, after some window shopping (I am trying not to buy anything at the moment) I checked my phone and Jon was nearly at Bolton, a lot earlier than I said I would be in. So a couple of texts and we agreed to meet in Adlington, so Vikki and I headed back, getting even muddier. It was a lovely day for riding.

Once I left the pub I got as far as rivi and had to stop for ice-cream before getting home with 52.5 miles on the computer. So much for a short ride!


  1. I'll just mention the reason for meeting in Adlington and not Bolton was I had to get back for the home alone dog, and not just to add extra miles to torture Jon on his really long so let's make it longer ride.

    I'm jealous of the ice cream, I would have done the extra 12 miles to earn one ;0) A lovely day out, thanks Trio.

  2. No red that is a long ride!

    I think I needed the ice-cream to get over the hill home, I decided to go up to Scout road off-road.