Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Rides numbers 1, 2 and 3

I knew today I wasriding on the track from 12-1. Then there were vague plans about maybe riding there and back with Jenn, maybe on road, maybe some cross. See what happens with couriers etc.

Everything worked fantastically, I rode there on my cross bike on the road, had to ride hard as I left late! Had a great hour on the track! Then we rode cross bikes to ramsbottom, via an ice-cream stop, split the far side and I rode home.

On the way home I had a silly puncture thing, failed to find the cause, punctured new tube, took 10 minutes to get a thorn out and then got home.

Wondering if its too much riding since I'm riding again this evening?


  1. Lol, It looks like Trio is back !!

    The hour on the track is more than enough for me, never mind the ride out / back!

  2. Gerber, for the thorns. Or your teeth.