Wednesday, 2 September 2009

More fun to be had

I've just entered Dusk 'til Dawn in a pair with Ali. It was her idea. At the moment we are thinking I will double lap and she will single lap. She is really keen and it should be great fun. Time to get used to riding at night again!


  1. Go Ali.

    Shes seems to be getting used to these long rides now.

    Would she like to borrow a light to supliment her Cateye?

  2. Good luck to you both! Hope Ali has a great time (I know you will!).

    I'm in the process of sorting out lights and stuff again now, why do Cateye have to put such a silly battery size in rear lights - can't find an N battery anywhere.

  3. Trio, i've just read someone elses twitter. What else have you talked Ali into entering?

    Please tell me it's not what I think it is!

  4. OMG, It is the event I feared!

    Trio are you blackmailing little Ali by any chance?

  5. She has been offered some lights off jenn already.

    i have nothing to do with the other event, I don't think it is her best idea!

  6. It's a FABULOUS idea.....

  7. but who will look after you if you're both riding ;)

    see you both very soon-eek!