Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Tuesday 5th February 2008

Well tuesday rolls round so it's time for my weekly ride with Vikki. We'd decided to meet a little earlier and then do a route we'd done before Christmas in reverse, but this time actually cycling up to Peel Tower. I'm up and out of the house by 8:15am, impressive as I always forget I need to leave this early if we meet a 9:30am. Head over to Rivington, coming down the commonwealth downhill my light decides to fly off the handlebars, but it looked fine. maybe I didn't tighten it enough this morning. Get there just in time and have a quick snack, well I have done an hour of so of riding. So off we head up the Chinese gardens to our first tower of the day, Pigeon Tower, where Vikki tried to work out how to use her posh waterproof camera. Then off up the Pike for the next tower, then it was over winter hill. Vikki decided to use the facilities up there, not the one that was on it's side though. It was nice of someone to leave a toilet up there. I really do like the descent into Belmont. Over we went heading for Ramsbottom, where we headed up to Peel Tower, that is one climb from Ramsbottom, was glad to reach the top for a sandwich stop. From there we headed across the Army camp towards Entwistle, we even saw a bunch doing some form of training, no idea what looked like a nice hill walk to me! Then we took a cheeky trail up to the Strawbury Duck, on the way a nice man informed us we shouldn't be riding there, think he was ready for a rant but my polite apologising put him off. We got to the pub a little muddy to find out they were no longer serving food. Might mean a change to our route in future since they're no longer doing all day food. After a quick drink stop we carried on with Chocolate as our fuel, well you can never hve enough chocolate! Saying we might stop in Belmont. Getting there at 5pm meant we wanted to get home for pancakes though. So it was one last hill up the Belmont road, onto the Belmont old road, with a quick stop for more layers food and comfort. Then along to pigeon tower again (can we count it twice and say we've done 4 towers?). We split there and I headed back along Georges Lane and then Matchmore lane. Back over to my side of Bolton. At one point on the bridleway I was overtaken by a quad bike, I didn't ask. Just as I got to Asda I punctured, only a mile to go though so I cycled home with a flat.

Great ride. 80.2km At an average of 10.9km/h

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