Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday 4th February 2008

Well seeing as I've decided this year is the year I take my cycling seriously (well as seriously as can). I thought it was time for me to keep a log of what I was actually doing. Now since my main aim for this year is transwales I know I need to ensure I'm able to cope with lots of long days in the saddle.

Anyway January has gone and my totals for the month are:

Road Biking 550km (74%)
Mountain Biking 196km (26%)
Total Cycling 746km

Running 16.5km

So onto February.

On the friday the 1st I decided to get out for a road ride and investigate some of the lovely roads near me with arrows on, covered 45.8km, was out for 2hrs 17mins, found some lovely roads and broke two spokes just as I got home.

Saturday came and I remembered that I was meant to be trying to run once a week, it gets me really fit! So went out late afternoon for a qucik (okay slow) 4.6km.

Sunday came and the rain stayed away, I headed over to Rivington to meet two other girlies. Winter Hill seemed to be covered with runners and somehow I was nearly an hour early and even after an extra loop I ended up in the cold for 20minutes. I was frozen by the time the others arrived, but my fault. We headed over to lead mines clough, hoping it would be quieter - it was. Then back over to the fishing cafe for cake. Our bikes had a nice rest. Before heading our seperate ways home. Rode 50.88km in total with an average speed of 12.4km/h.

Now onto today, a road ride with a friend who I'm trying to bully to ride up hills. Today was a flat ride by agreement as I'm planning a long ride off-road tomorrow. Felt slow and not in the mood managed 89km in total at a poor average of 21.1km/h.

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  1. Yay Trio. Welcome to the geeky world of blogging.