Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Riding, running and more riding.

Vikki enjoying the woods.

Well for a chance this tuesday me and and Vikki decided to go for a run so I cycled over to hers on my roadie, did a 4 mile run then after lunch cycled back. Then this evening I cycled over to Rivi to meet Vikki and Carolyn, sprinted over after a text asking if I could get there earlier (managed an average of 14.6km/h) then we pootled over to the woods, where Carolyn headed home, it was a little spooky. Then back to Rivi where we split, it was a little scary cycling back on my own but still fun.

Road bike: 17.5 km Av. Speed 26.1 km/h
Running: 6.7 km Av. Speed km/h
Road bike: 17.4 km Av. Speed 24.1 km/h
Mtb: 42.5 km Av. Speed 13.6 km/h

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