Friday, 29 February 2008

Breakfast ride

Well a while ago me and Vikki read another locals blog about how he had been up Rivington Pike for a breakfast ride. Great idea we both thought, we'll have to do that sometime. So today was the ideal opportunity. I packed all my stuff the night before, stove, matches, big coat. Vikki took care of the essentials - bacon, ketchup, rolls. We arrived at practically the same time just as the sky was turning red and the clouds were starting to surround us in the mist. We found the least windy side of the Pike and started cooking. The bacon seemed to be taking ages when we realised that covering it might help. In the end we both had two lovely bacon barms, fed the fat to some passing dogs and had a nice morning ride.
27.3km Av. Speed 12.7km/h 675m climbed

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