Friday, 8 February 2008

Rocky Descents

Good ride in Grizedale today with Vikki, Carolyn and Jill. After I tried to get myself and Vikki lost on the way up by ignoring my sat nave, we still managed to get there first and I quickly changed my rear tyre as I had noticed the inner tube poking out when I put the bike on the car. We climbed up using the North Face trail and headed down Lawsons Park, I had only done this as a climb before but enjoyed flying down it. Then it was back up into the forest with a bit of pushing and a lot of determination to ride up things. Another great downhill took us back to the visitors centre. A short ride but high on technical climbs and descents.
15.8 km Av Speed 9.9km/h 440m of climbing

1 comment:

  1. Blimey Trio, you aren't half clocking up the mileage.

    I'm very jealous that you're getting to ride around Grizedale while i'm stuck at work.