Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Head Wind all the way.

Usual tuesday ride came round but due to the plumber coming round in the morning and a Dr's apppointment in the late afternoon I was time limited. Couldn't fit in an 11hour ride. Since Vikki has a new road bike that only arrived on monday. So I headed over to Vikki's at about half ten, it seemed to take ages to get there as it was so windy. After a bit of checking over the new bike we headed out. Straight over the first hill, well the best roads are over hills here. After a bit of zig-zagging between Bolton and Blackburn we stopped at the Strawbury Duck for lunch, very disapointing as there were no chips and the baguettes didn't seem as nice as usual. Might be time to find a new pub. We then headed back towards Blackburn on the Roman Road before climbing up to Pickup Bank. A nice hill and one I'm always glad to get to the top of. All in all a great ride, would have been brilliant if we weren't constantly battlling with the wind.

92.5km Av. Speed 18.6km/h 1724m climbing

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