Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Ali was off down south to cheer her sister on at the Brighton Marathon on Sunday as I was working on Saturday I couldn't go with her so plans were made not to leave me alone. Saturday after work I headed off to Leeds to see Bella, Al, Jem, Sarah, Hannah and Norn (the last three had been out playing in the woods in the afternoon. We spent the evening pizza and chatting before I headed off to York with Hannah and Norn.

Sunday and after a lazy start to the day, including cake for second breakfast me and Hannah headed out on bikes so Hannah could show me how hilly York is, this invoved going over the bypass loads to get some climbing in. There was also some bridges across the river, I wasn't allowed to jump off them though!

Then it was time for lunch, we met up with Norn and after sandwiches it was time for dessert. I had to have the trio dessert! I choose Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cheesecake and Crumble. All of them were delicious but it meant that riding back (the long way) felt hard work!
All that was left was for me to get the train home, I had been organised andbooked both the train and my bike on it. Train was nice and quiet anyway so it wouldn't have been a problem. The rack was different to any I had seen before!
Once home I was still too full to eat any more so it was straight to bed!

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