Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mrs garage Bikes birthday Ride

It was Sarah's birthday on Friday but today was her birthday ride. A huge crowd of 23 met at Garage Bikes to headover to the ice-cream farm. The ride over was the usual Morley fare except it was dry so there was no mud, poor Sarah had to cope with dry dusty trails on her birthday and we all know how much she loves mud!
At the ice-cream farm a cake was produced, candles and a lego cyclist meant it was the perfect cake for Sarah, unfortunately the lego cyclist crashed at some point!

Then all that was left was to ride back, which meant a lovely rocky descent and some more dry dusty trails.

Lovely day. Thanks to Sarah for having a fab birthday ride, Al for fitting a new bottom bracket for me when we got back and Ali for driving me over in the morning so I could get there!

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