Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Into the Mouth of Madness

Another Wednesday ride with Greg, this time I suggested exploring Prestwich Clough after geocaching round there on Monday. We followed that by a lap of Hurst Woods and some of the Phillip's Park trails. After lunch we headed off to collect a cache that Tony and Jenny had shown me the entrance to on Monday but we didn't have the torch you needed to get to the actual site.
After putting plastic bags on our feet we headed into the tunnel which took us under the M60. It felt a long way walking bent double, probably a little easier for me than Greg! Eventually we reached the chamber where we climbed up to the cache, logged our visit and Greg dropped off a travel bug. The journey back felt shorter and we were soon scrambling back up to the bikes.

A unique cache and I was glad I wasn't on my own!

Then it was time to head home, feet a little soggy even with the bags, with a few detours to explore Moses Gate Park since it was a lovely sunny day.

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