Monday, 8 April 2013

Kermit comes Geocaching

I haven't been geocaching for ages so obviously neither had kermit! I met up with Jen (from work) and Tony to tick off some of the caches round Phillips Park. Although I have ridden through here loads I have found none of the caches! I had downloaded the caches onto my old Garmin which is perfect for caching but sometimes turns itself off on rough terrain so not ideal for navigating. It wasn't long before we were pushing our bikes over rough ground to the first cache and it was a find. (Jen and Tony have become experts since I introduced Jen to it back when we were doing risk assessments over in Liverpool).

Then it was time for the next one, in typical trio fashion I headed in a straight line, which then involved a bit of scrambling with the bikes. Although we were all on cross bikes Kermit didn't have a rack, pannier and mudguards which made it a bit easier for me!
Lots more caches and discovering parts of the area I didn't even know exsisted, some that look like they'll be lots of fun on the mountain bike, we came out on Bury New Road. Realising it was 1pm, no wonder I was hungry we headed to the pub. Jen had the odd combination of soup and chips, although she wasn't dipping her chips into her soup as I had imagined ;-)

After lunch it was more caching including looking at one that needs to be saved for another day as we needed a torch! Then realising the time I headed home. Having been warm yesterday and seeing Sarah riding in 3/4's and a t-shirt I went for 3/4's today. Not sure it was as warm and the brambles maybe liked my leg a little too much! Still it is the first time this year my legs have even been out a little bit, but back to tights tomorrow I think.

I won't leave it so long till my next geocaching adventure, 19 caches found. Thanks for the company Jen and Tony.

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  1. Hope you decide to do a post on Kermit. My knees haven't seen the light of day yet!