Sunday, 21 April 2013

Plains 300k Audax

I rode this event in 2010 and remember really enjoying it, yesterday while I was trying to stay awake till the start at 11pm I was wondering what had possessedme to enter it again. I was riding my lovely Kermit with road tyreson.

It wasn't long before we were on our way and soon I was riding with a small group for the first section, we weren't going as fast as last time but I felt strong.
First stop was at Whitchurch and I chose to go to McDonalds as we could go inside, get a hot drink and use the toilets. After this I was mainly riding with one other, although a lot of the time we were about 50m apart, it was nice to see another set of lights though. As we approached Newtown the sun started to rise, unfortunately behind us but I did stop and take a picture.
At Newtown I once again chose McDonalds instead of getting cold on a garage forecourt. From here it was back to Dinky's and on to the Garden Centre at Radway for Cake. I was riding alone but seeing familiar faces when I stopped.
My navigation strategy seemed to work well, I left Buttons in charge!
Unfortunately once home my Garmin won't upload, there appears to be a problem with the USB port, guess tomorrow I'll have to contact Garmin!

Still 313k covered, 15hrs 5mins total time, not sure how much moving time but I know I probably had about two hours stopped in cafe's etc!

Thanks so much to Garage Bikes for helping me build such a fantastic bike!

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