Saturday, 6 April 2013

Forest of Bowland ride.....aka Killing Hannah off....

A conversation on twitter led to the rough plan of a ride in the Forest of Bowland yesterday, as long as I wasn't working. I had plotted a route taking in Waddington Fell and the Trough of Bowland, to be kind to Hannah who lives in the flatlands of York we rode the hilliest section of the route before the cafe stop. An email from Ros the night before saying that she wasn't feeling great gave me a glimmer of hope the ride might be cancelled, I really wasn't feeling like it, but I knew if that was the case Hannah would turn up and give me no option but to get out of the house.

The day looked sunny out and Ros collected me and we were soon on our way to Waddington where we met Hannah, who couldn't read my mind and bring me a second breakfast, still she shared her chocolate which is something I can barely understand. Before we set off it started raining, hmmm it had been sunny in Bolton! But as soon as we headed up the hill the rain went and we had a lovely day for the ride, the wind had even dropped a bit since Thursday.
Although there was bits of snow on the hills the roads were completely clear, you just had to be careful of excess grit on some of the corners when descending.

Pulling into Scorton we all ready for the cafe stop. Three lasagne's filled us up nicely but the others decided it would be rude not to join me in cake. I had decided in anywhere with three types of chocolate it was compulsory to have cake!

Leaving the cafe the hills weren't as big but it definetly wasn't flat. Hannah's legs were starting to complain a little but she seemed to still be smiling so I assumed she was enjoying herself and kept talking at her! Back to Waddington and cars packed me headed off, me and Ros to Bolton and Hannah back to the flatlands of York.

Reminded me how much I love the roads out that way, must make sure I get out again soon.

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