Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Question of Sport

Ali loves Question of Sport so I always apply got tickets when its on, up till now I've never got any (it is very oversubscribed). This time though I got tickets for the 5:15pm show. We both had the day off work so got there nice and early to make sure we got in, they send out more tickets than spaces as some people won't turn up. Ali almost had us in the queue for the earlier recording. Once that queue had cleared we went in and found out it wasn't full and we could go to that screening but that might mean we wouldn't get into the later one we had tickets for but that we might see two. Easy decision then! It was fabulous. I enjoy watching it on tv but it was even better and funnier in real life.

Coming out they were saying if anyone wanted to come in again that you could do. Ali asked if it was seperate tickets to sit behind the teams, next thing we knew we were being squeezed in behind where Matt Dawson sits! When he came out he even asked Ali which team her football shirt was, Cambridge United of course. You really feel part of the action.

After that screening we thought the next one would be full, there were no obvious seats in the one we had just seen. But no the girl on the door said there was and we saw our third recording of the day.

Fantastic day, I had a very exciteable Ali all day.


  1. That's so cool! When will all the episodes go out, do you think we'll see you in the audience??

    1. No idea when they go out but you should see us in the middle one, John Ruddy was the guest we were sat behind. It was so exciting!