Sunday, 3 February 2013

(Not so) Muddy Morley

I was out early on Saturday morning to ride to Rochdale to get the train over to Morley for another garage bikes girly ride. It was a perfect morning, blue skies, cool and crisp. I made it to Rochdale in perfect time and the train was ontime, perfect. Getting to Morley it was a bit of a climb to the shop but that only warmed me up. After a bit of bike fettling and we were on our way. Sarah once again led a fab ride, for once the mud was more frozen than slippy, a fact I was glad of with my worn tyres! Lots and lots of smiles and we were back to the shop for sandwiches and cookies, thanks Vikki!

After a lazy afternoon it was time for squash, five of us two courts for an hour and a half. Ali managed to beat everyone even though she hasn't played in years! I started doing better when the others got tired ;-)

Then to end a perfect day we had pizza, what a fab day!

Thanks to Sarah (MrsGarageBikes) for the picture.

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