Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hit the North 2013

Well what is there to say about this race except how much fun it is. I had been looking forward to it as I have been over to Phillip's Park to ride the new trails a few times recently. I however knew I wasn't particularly fit and had rode home over Parbold Hill on friday since it was such a nice evening. So with the excuses out of the way onto the race!

Ali didn't fancy riding over so we drove down, I kindly put her bike on the car so I would have a spare! Once there I was chatting away so much I was nearly late to the start, oops! Lining up with friends it was only as we set off I noticed it said Elite start. We headed uphill and I worked as hard as I could, still a fair few people went past me. Into the Berms and it was hard work with so many people around me but I held my place, then back up the hill to do the Berms again. I couldn't help but smile my whole way round. Even the Field of Despair didn't reduce me to tears as I knew the Berms were straight afterwards. In fact my only problem was the race was too short, I wanted to keep riding.

Thanks guys for an amazing race!

I finished 4th female and 95th overall.

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